Amazon reveals the new artificial intelligence shopping assistant

Amazon has unveiled a new experience of interlocutor purchases empowered by artificial generating intelligence (AI), called Rufus.

“Rufus is an expert shopping assistant trained for the Amazon product catalog and information from the entire internet,” said Thursday in a statement the US-based global e-commerce firm.

It can answer customer questions about shopping needs, products, make context-based comparisons and recommendations and facilitate product detection.

In addition, customers can learn what to look for when buying product categories, buying as appropriate or purpose based on activity and events, receive assistance in comparing product categories, find the best recommendations, and ask questions about a specific product while on a page with product details.

Rufus was launched on Thursday in the beta version for a small number of customers on the Amazon mobile app, while will be distributed to additional American customers in the coming weeks.


Amazon reveals the new artificial intelligence shopping assistant

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