Makeup trick to help you look younger – ‘change is magic’

To look younger, not only a good skin care routine is enough, but also a good makeup routine.

A professional make-up artist, Saffron Hughes has shown what is the mistake that women make that unintentionally make them look older.
She argued that while aging is a natural and beautiful process, you can look older by the way you apply your makeup, when that may not be your intention.

“The way we do our makeup should change with age and by following some professional advice and getting it right, makeup can give a fresh face,” says Hughes.

One of these mistakes is creating very thin eyebrows like the style of the 90s.

As you age, brows tend to naturally thin, but for a youthful-looking brow that also shapes your face, Saffron recommends fuller brows.

She recommends lining them with a thin pencil to make them fuller and arch them to lift your face.

The artist also pointed out that drawing on the hairs of the eyebrows, so adding color and reshaping them makes them “look more realistic” than doing them with powder or gel. Although it takes a little more time, Saffron claimed that “change is magic”.


Makeup trick to help you look younger – ‘change is magic’

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