This color is so bold, you can’t ignore it

There are some seasons of the year where neutral colors dominate: cream, beige or coffee tones. But celebrities agree when they say that it’s the strong colors that actually make the style more fun. Reese Witherspoon, Dakota Johnson and most recently, Katie Holmes proved to us that strong shades make a difference in the overall […]

The most requested jeans model for the season, signed by Chanel

This season’s model is said to be reminiscent of the nineties After the presentation of new clothing from Chanel, it is clear that only one thing will dominate this season – jeans, but not just any model! That is, even though all major fashion brands have announced through their runway shows and collections that this […]

If you fancy a stylish nail design, get inspired by Margot Robbie

If for you, the usual French manicure is not enough, or looks ordinary, try this invisible one that Margot Robbie also chose First of all, we remember and emphasize that the French manicure is a trend of all times, it will never go out of fashion and it suits every season and situation.Classic, simple, does […]

Some ideas for inspiration on how to wear a tulle skirt

The tulle skirt is famous for its elegance and the difference it makes to the outfit, however, you can’t always shoot with the combinations Someone considers a dress a little too difficult to combine, but seeing that the latest trends, it will not be difficult to use it in everyday clothes.As usual, the rule is […]

Makeup trick to help you look younger – ‘change is magic’

To look younger, not only a good skin care routine is enough, but also a good makeup routine. A professional make-up artist, Saffron Hughes has shown what is the mistake that women make that unintentionally make them look older. She argued that while aging is a natural and beautiful process, you can look older by […]

Jennifer Aniston joins the hottest nail trend

After bringing back the famous hairstyle of Rachel, the famous character she played in the series “Friends”, now it’s the turn of another trend The People’s Choice Award event was enough for people to obsess over Jennifer Aniston’s manicure, while the black dress and wavy hair were another find from the actress.She chose to keep […]

Hair inside clothes, the new trend

Maybe you forget to style your hair before going out, maybe you’re following the trend of hiding your length, whatever the reason, this small gesture is taking care of your hair When the temperatures drop, it’s natural to bundle up as much as possible, and hair, especially when it’s long (below the shoulders), comes in […]

Hair care method that will help you to wash them less often

For some hair types, avoiding frequent washing can have real health benefits The best way to beat fat? Oil treatment or “training” the hair to produce less oil over time.But how is this method implemented? Adjusting your hair washing routine can lead to a more manageable amount of oil on your scalp. Depending on the […]

Choose one of these colors that give a glow to women over 40

The three shades that ‘renew’ the lips Lipstick completes any look and provides a sense of control and power. It’s a matter of style and choice.Fashion rotates and changes, as does your perception of yourself and the beauty you radiate. If you are inclined to a natural look, lipstick is an ally that can elevate […]

Cuffed jeans are in style: Six styles of shoes that go with them

If you were wondering about the main trends this year, we show you that cuffed jeans are one of them It seems like a throwback to the style of the 90s, baggy, turned-down models that show the seam, but in reality they are confirmation of the clothing trends for 2024.Considering the weather, season and everyday […]