Hair inside clothes, the new trend

Maybe you forget to style your hair before going out, maybe you’re following the trend of hiding your length, whatever the reason, this small gesture is taking care of your hair

When the temperatures drop, it’s natural to bundle up as much as possible, and hair, especially when it’s long (below the shoulders), comes in handy.

The one that started as a trend in 2010 by Phoebe Philo with the photos for Vogue France and then occupied the CĂ©line shows, returned again at the New York fashion week.

But beyond the important role in the latest fashion suggestions, this way of combining the hair with the outfit, is important to keep the hair healthy.Experts say that tucking your hair into a coat, blouse or any other garment helps protect it from friction, which is one of the most important factors in hair breakage. It also stops the hair from electrifying and creating split ends, which are so difficult to repair.

Hair inside clothes, the new trend

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