The most expensive potatoes in the world cost up to 500 euros per kilogram

Potato dishes have become necessary in the daily diet for a number of reasons: potatoes grow easily, their yield is large, are present in the diet throughout the year, are saturated, they can be easily prepared in different ways, and are very cheap.

However, small yellow potatoes coming from the small French island of Noirmoutier, west of Nantes are the most expensive in the world and their price goes up to 500 euros per kilogram.

They only grow on island land rich in Biscay Bay minerals – a piece of land that smells like the ocean and seaweed.

Bonnotte potatoes grow carefully and are even more carefully harvested at the height of maturity in May, which lasts only a week.

At the time, 2,500 collectors gather from dawn to sunset to collect the most expensive potatoes in the world.

This more expensive potato has a delicate lemon flavor, it smells like nuts and is characterized by a salty, mineral taste that remains in the sky for a long time.

Used for soups, salads, creams or puree, but whatever is used – the most important is not to peel the skin, which retains the essence of the sea and the earth.

The island on the west coast of France forces its fame not only to potatoes, but also wonderful architecture, tens of miles of sandy beaches and aromatic pines. It connects to the continent with a centuries-old embankment and a younger bridge, which leads to an oasis worthy of attention.

The most expensive potatoes in the world cost up to 500 euros per kilogram

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