Jennifer Aniston joins the hottest nail trend

After bringing back the famous hairstyle of Rachel, the famous character she played in the series “Friends”, now it’s the turn of another trend

The People’s Choice Award event was enough for people to obsess over Jennifer Aniston’s manicure, while the black dress and wavy hair were another find from the actress.She chose to keep her nails in a shape very close to natural, that is, square and short, but it seems that the shade got the attention.

The tones of deep red to brown and lots of glitter brought about a gothic version that seems to be in fashion this season.

Nail artist, Shigeko Taylor, says that the actress often chooses neutral or nude tones for her nails, but if she wants to convey a certain message, Aniston changes her approach by differentiating with another style or trend.The shade of red to brown is bold, but very shiny is what you need to be IN with the nail trends that will dominate this season.

Is red highlighted in brown a signal of good luck? Who knows! Perhaps, the actress had this in mind when she chose it as a shade!

Jennifer Aniston joins the hottest nail trend

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