France prohibits ministers from using some phone applications

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has asked ministers and their teams not to use applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal due to security issues.

“ These digital tools are not without security flaws and therefore cannot guarantee the security of conversations and information shared through their ”, it is said in a document issued by it.

Borne set a deadline until December 8 for the government to move on to the use of the French application Olvid, which is certified by the French cyber security agency ANSSI.

“ My team and I have used it since July 2022. In December, the entire government will use [Olvid], the world’s safest instant messaging system ”, also confirmed French digital minister Jean-Nowl Barrot.

However, members of the French government can use the Tchap app, a secure messaging platform developed by the government released for use in 2019.