Day: February 25, 2024

This color is so bold, you can’t ignore it

There are some seasons of the year where neutral colors dominate: cream, beige or coffee tones. But celebrities agree when they say that it’s the strong colors that actually make the style more fun. Reese Witherspoon, Dakota Johnson and most recently, Katie Holmes proved to us that strong shades make a difference in the overall […]

The most requested jeans model for the season, signed by Chanel

This season’s model is said to be reminiscent of the nineties After the presentation of new clothing from Chanel, it is clear that only one thing will dominate this season – jeans, but not just any model! That is, even though all major fashion brands have announced through their runway shows and collections that this […]

If you fancy a stylish nail design, get inspired by Margot Robbie

If for you, the usual French manicure is not enough, or looks ordinary, try this invisible one that Margot Robbie also chose First of all, we remember and emphasize that the French manicure is a trend of all times, it will never go out of fashion and it suits every season and situation.Classic, simple, does […]

Hygiene, things that should not be shared with others

The cleansing object for the legs, face cream and deodorant are some of the products we use regularly for our personal hygiene. But it is important to know that many of them, if shared with family members, can cause serious health consequences. Borrowing lip balm, hand cleaning to father’s towel, using the same soap with […]

Scientists reveal the link between brain imbalance and chronic fatigue syndrome

Scientists have discovered compelling evidence of brain abnormalities and the immune system of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The findings, in one of the most rigorous investigations to date, begin to illuminate the biological basis for the disease that can cause fatigue. The study is the first to […]

Foods you should never store in the fridge

When it comes to maintaining the freshness and aroma of our favorite foods, the refrigerator is often the device we use. However, not all foods are suitable for cold storage. In fact, some foods can be exacerbated in taste, quality, and nutritional value when kept in the refrigerator. Here’s a guide to foods that should […]

When is the best time to drink coffee?

If you are a coffee fan, here’s when it’s the best time to drink. Many people start the day with a cup of coffee and that right after the sound of the alarm. But how healthy this speaks the eclipses of different dietitians. “People around the world enjoy their ” morning coffee, says registered dietitian […]

Can you use salt if you have high blood pressure

Salt is a favorite taste amplifier on most dishes we consume every day. However, most people connect too much salt with an increased risk of hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, and it is important to understand the connection between both. First, any confusion about salt versus sodium should be cleared. The salt on […]