From now on, the starting GK at Real Madrid will be Andriy Lunin.

At the club they have decided that after half of the season has gone, Andriy Lunin has shown better performances and therefore will be named as Real Madrid’s first goalkeeper for the remainder of the season.

Kepa has not satisfied the club and has shown in training things that weren’t liked much by the GK coach, Luis Llopis.

A big hit on Kepa’s chances was his performance in the Supercopa semifinal vs Atletico Madrid, where he conceded three times and two of the goals were easily avoidable, especially the third one.

According to Marca, Real Madrid has sorted the GK problem, and from now on Kepa and Lunin will share competitions.

Lunin is expected to start the Supercopa final, while he will be the team’s main GK in La Liga & UEFA Champions League, while Kepa will be the team’s starting GK in Copa Del Rey, and will therefore start vs Atletico Madrid next week in the RO16.

Despite this, Kepa’s chances to continue at Real Madrid are now very slim – and the club is not expected to make his transfer permanent.

For next season, the club will count on Thibaut Courtois coming back from injury and Andriy Lunin who will remain at the club for a longer time.

Real Madrid goalkeeper: Top 5 names in history

Goalkeeper Nationality Active between Major titles won
Iker Casillas Spain 1999-2020 Champions League, La Liga, Copa del Rey
Ricardo Zamora Spain 1916-1938 La Liga, Spanish Cup
Juan Alonso Spain 1946-1963 European Cup, La Liga
Keylor Navas Costa Rica 2005-present Champions League, La Liga
Thibaut Courtois Belgium