Mark Zuckerberg earned $ 29 billion in the morning alone

Mark Zuckerberg’s net fortune increased by more than $ 29 billion between morning coffee and Friday’s lunch break.

The founder of Metas, who already has more than $ 140 billion in assets, according to the Bloomberg Billiers Index, benefited greatly from the increase in the stock price of Metas after the company announced the first dividend program in cash.

Shares of “Target” rose more than 21% after the quarterly dividend news of $ 0.50 per share to be paid on March 26.

According to the American Securities and Exchange Commission, Zuckerberg owns about 350 million shares of that company, CNN writes.

If he does not sell or buy more shares of the company and assuming that the quarterly dividend remains unchanged, Zuckerbergu will also benefit from the company’s dividend payments of about $ 700 million a year.

Recently, Zuckerberg and other social media chiefs on Wednesday faced the Senate Judicial Commission on the dangers of their companies pose to young people.

Mark Zuckerberg earned $ 29 billion in the morning alone

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